“How long did it take you to get Reward Gateway up and running from scratch?”

Asked by Harry Adanuty

A very old, V1 screenshot of Reward Gateway's product from 2005Oh wow, you’re taking my faulty memory all the way back to 2005!

As best as I can remember, it took about 9 months to get from startup to launching the product and winning our first three clients. It was around September 2006 and I can remember the excitement we had back in the office when we started to see users logging in and transaction coming through. Nothing makes business more real than seeing real users using the product.

And the 12 years since the company has just kept re-inventing itself both in terms of product, marketing, brand and organizational structure. I think that’s really what makes it so successful. Under new CEO Doug Butler (I stepped down last year) that has really continued, the business is in a state of constant change, constantly trying to do a better job for the client –  which is a great thing to see.

(Buried in the archives I found this screenshot on the left from 2006 – this is how the Reward Gateway employee discount product looked at launch. That product, now called SmartSpending was our original product whereas now it is one of seven key products. Company branding has also moved on a lot in the 12 years – originally the company was called Asperity Employee Benefits and the product was called Reward Gateway. That changed in 2011 when the company name changed to Reward Gateway.)



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